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beatSCiENCE → icons by seashellz

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Welcome to beatscience, graphics run by seashellz. Here you will find icons and banners that i've accumulated over the years. maybe some few odds and ends. Membership is unmoderated, so feel free to join! All the entires are friends only, and I'm the only maker here. You must join the community to see the icons. Friend the community for updates.
&! Always remember to credit using LJ tags only in keywords for icons. (seashellz or beatscience). I do not ask for credit because I want "credit for the work". Wow, I resized a picture most of the time, wooo. But just so ppl know where you got it from incase they want more :)
&! Credit banners like so - Banner made by seashellz @ beatscience somewhere in your info..
&! All your icons must be credited properly. I do randomly check your userpics.
&! Please never take my icons and try to pass them off as your own. I do spend time making them ..
&! Comment when you are taking something!!